Dampa sa Libis

Dampa sa libis is basically a Resto where in it has a Wet Market ("palengke") where you can buy fresh seafoods or even meat (there's a lot of stalls to choose from) and let you decide how it will be cooked. It is a clean, great and comfortable place to enjoy your food.

Here, you can choose where your food will be cooked for we have a total of 5 (five) different cooking stations to choose from. You can bring your family, friends, loved ones, peers(barkada) and officemates to enjoy the place and the ambience without worrying about fitting in.

It is also the best place to celebrate any occassion such as birthdays, anniversaries, parties, etc. We have a separate room and functions for closed door meeting or events if you want it to be private. You can also try A different kind of seafood trip?

So, what are you waiting for??... ;)

Experience Dampa sa Libis....

Dampa sa Libis, the most unforgettable dining experience of your life?

While I am searching for the best location where my friends and I could hangout, I am thinking of a place where we could relax, unwind and eat what we want to eat. One of the blogs I’ve read was very intriguing because of the statement that “Dampa sa Libis, the most unforgettable dining experience of your life.” For me, the most unforgettable dining experience is simply the time a family spends in sitting down for a meal and then continues to share stories long after the food is gone. Sama-sama ang pamilya o isang grupo para mag-bonding at kumakain ng mga pagkain angkop sa panlasa ng bawat isa.

Because of that blog, My friends and I decided to visit the said place to celebrate one of my friends’ despedida. The place is located at No. 107 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City right at front of Greenmeadows Subdividision Gate 5 which is right at the center of most renowned hangouts in Metro Manila for events and great food.

We were surprised because this is our first time to see a restaurant that is a lot bigger than a full sized basketball court and more Parking Spaces.

According to their staff, their dining areas can accommodate 1,100 people. Its open dining area has a capacity of 400 while the air-conditioned rooms can seat 700. The area is roofed but the sides are open. The stalls where the food is cooked are on the sides. At the central area are the dining tables. Beyond this area is a small seafood market and, behind it, an ample parking lot.

So, how does one enjoy the food at Dampa sa Libis? We first visited the seafood market where there were stalls and stalls of seafood-shrimps and some of the Philippines most notable produce like Sea Bass, Lapu-lapu, Tiger Prawns, Saranggani Bay Fishes, Batangas beef, and fresh sweet Mangoes from Guimaras. There were a few stalls selling marinated pork and chicken ready to go straight to the grill. There are even choices on the kind of marinade–sweet barbecue, sea salt and chili, soy sauce and kalamansi or the more exotic looking ones.

The restaurant houses several kitchens that has its own cooking and serving first-rate Filipino and Japanese table sets. Cooking fee varies according to preparation and weight of the food. Ayon sa kanila, ang konsepto ng restaurant ay upang ang mga customer ay makapili ng kung anong gustong kainin at ito naman ay ipapaluto ayon sa kanilang kagustuhan upang maging akma sa kanilang mga panlasa. “You'll get your seafood fresh from our in-house wet market and have them cooked however you prefer.” Aside from seafood, we also have meat and fruits, all freshly served at your table. If you wish to determine what a first-rate cuisine really is, you should not neglect the value of food’s freshness. And that’s what DAMPA SA LIBIS is all about," Ika nga ni Manager ng Dampa sa Libis.

Since we were 15 persons that time, we bought a lot from the seafood market more than a kilo of Maya-Maya (Head) for our soup (sinigang na ulo sa miso), 1 kilo shrimp , 1 kilo squid (pusit) for our calamares and half kilo of marinated pork for grilled (inihaw) liempo and of course we did not forgot Filipinos mouth watering appetizer, the ensaladang manggang hilaw na may lato (seaweeds).

After that our seafood and meats were weighed and then with the kitchen of our choice, we specified how we wanted each item cooked and they are the one who provided the vegetables and condiments that went with each dish.

We picked a table — (You can even sit in the air-conditioned room or the wide-open space). While waiting for the food to be cooked, we also enjoy shopping for a while because there was an adjacent bazaar on the right of the dining area where there are reasonably-priced clothes, toys and other stuff. You can even shop for cars there I think! In a matter of less than 30 minutes, our dinner was served. Grilled liempo, lemon-honey shrimp, calamares and grilled squid. Tsaraan! Mmmm! Pagkakita ko pa lang agad ko nang nasabi “ Ito ang Buhay! Dahil siguradong mapapalaban kami dito sa lamunan.

At sa sobrang busy ko sa kaka-lafang ng masasarap na pagkain, ilan sa mga pagkain ang hindi na nakuha sa kamera but I’m sure nasa mabubuting tiyan sila with matching softdrinks and a big burp. Grabe talaga! A down-to-earth Filipino food. No embellishment, no ornaments, no fancy plates, just good grub.

The price? For all the seafood and meat I mentioned above plus cooking charges, for the 15 monstrous stomach, the total bill is more or less Php 2,500.00. Ayut na ayut noh!
After that despidida, I realized why did that blogger say such things after he went to Dampa sa Libis and even us, with full stomach proud to say that this is the most unforgettable dining experience of our life?

Minsan nga kung masarap na kainan ang paguusapan, palagi Dampa ang pumapasok sa isip ko. At ang maganda sa kanila, kahit sino pwede isama doon. Katakam noh!

-Joseph '.)

"Power of Choice" :)

It is the most memorable celebration I ever attended. One of my friends invited me to Dampa restaurant for his birthday. At first glance it looks like a warehouse to me but looks can be decieving. When i finally come in I was amazed! it has it's own "tiangge" and "wet market". My friend told me earlier that everyone will be treated as a special guest and I have no idea about that.

When I saw him getting along with the peer he come after me and instead of giving me a sit he guided me first to wet market, smells fishy huh?..

He then remind me that he'll going to treat me as special guest and here your wish is my command. Ill give you the "power of choice" what you want to eat and how you want it will be cooked.

I was amazed and surprised aside from the food prepared from the buffet there is food where i'm the one that choose it and asked how it will be done. Now i understand what he is boasting me of.

Choosing is not difficult, all are fresh, in good textures and look. After a few minutes of waiting the food is done . It tastes so good, prawns and lobster are perfect and the meat is so tender. Now I know how will i going to celebrate a special occassion..

RJ - Ibg

Comments pls??.. :D

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